Cambridge Food is hiring


Posted on : 21 Nov, 2018

Propelled to work at Cambridge Food ?

The Cambridge Food Group is one of Africa’s biggest offering Cambridge Food JOBS and most reliably effective retailers of sustenance, general stock and apparel.

We have 775 stores, including Liquor Stores and Supermarkets . We utilize more than 38 000 individuals and produce a yearly turnover of US$6.76 billion.

We invite individuals whose qualities are lined up with our own, specifically, trustworthiness, uprightness and responsibility.

As our qualities authenticate, we are an organization which puts stock in our kin and empowers representative development and advancement. We have solid faith in advancement from inside, while recognizing that individuals who join the organization at all levels carry with them encounters, information and accomplishments from which we can learn and develop.

It’s pivotal that all workers bolster our technique and become tied up with our qualities. All things considered, it’s just through our representatives that we can execute procedures and guarantee that our fantasy turns into a reality.

The soul that guides us and gives us our special character is driven by the qualities and rules that roused Raymond Ackerman to set up Cambridge Food in 1997. These qualities and standards are viewed as consecrated, and notwithstanding evolving occasions, new advancements, enhanced innovation and radical systems, they stay steady. Take in more about our crucial standards.

Joining Cambridge Food is something other than anchoring a vocation; it is leaving on a profession. Working here turns into a method for life.As we employing for December Jobs across the country.

There are various profession ways at Cambridge Food : Retail administration and Buying, Supply Chain and working in our Information Services division, Finance division or Human Resources, bread kitchen, Cashiers, Cleaners and then some. Take in more about these and different divisions


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