The Senior Administrator role is to ensure high quality standards are maintained in all aspects of customer service delivery at the centres.

S/he forms an integral part of the operations team and ensures that services are client centred, safe, effective and efficient

S/he is responsible and accountable for the management of the operations at a Centre on a daily basis

Key Responsibilities:


Supports the centre-based operations and clinical team by creating a culture of service excellence and delivery of excellent client experience
Develops and manages a cohesive, motivated and high performing services team
Provides critical input on operational service quality within the centres
Provide comprehensive support and actively contributes to the achievement of all clinical, growth and sustainability objectives
Lead employees under direct control to accomplish all job and departmental objectives
Establish a system of communication to coordinate activities, tasks and duties
Adhere to and ensure adherence and overall compliance of all policies and procedures

Client interaction & experience: Service Excellence/ Client Focus

Ensure high quality client care across the centre in the region by tracking, overseeing and optimising all client interactions
Utilise a variety of analysis tools to gather customer feedback, analyse it and design specific intervention and practices to ensure improved customer experiences
Establish communication channels and mediums through which clients reach out to our client and vice versa.
Guide and direct the activities of all service providers to ensure their interactions with clients reflects positively on the company
Ensure that quick responses are given to client enquiries and questions
Regularly monitor the activities of all staff to ensure compliance with set standards of courtesy and professionalism.
Conduct surveys to gather information on customer opinion of rendered services
Utilize social media platforms in reaching out to customers to help resolve issues and provide quick response to enquiries
Supervise the activities of all staff to ensure their interaction with clients reflect positively
Ensure client confidentiality at all times

Centre Operations Management

Prepare reports with statistical data, as assigned, e.g. bookings against targets
Maintain a Centre/HCU calendar and schedule appointments and check for DNA’s and DNP’s.
Support the nursing staff by printing the daily bookings report and assisting walk-in clients to manage the client flow at the centre
Co‐ordinate appointments for all services at the Centre/HCU
Assist the Nursing staff with the triage scheduling process
Ensure ALL in-centre bookings are captured on the booking system
Pro-actively communicate with the Call Centre and Capacity Manager to advise of high levels of DNA to manage centre bookings
Actively managing booking schedules according to agreed case mix (Work Schedule)
Ensure the booking system is accurate and up to date at all times, e.g. confirmation, DNA, etc.
Generate accurate bookings reports daily
Participate in discussions on Centre/HCU performance
Communicate with the Capacity Manager and the Call Centre on a daily basis to optimise the daily bookings
Ensure that every client receiving service is requested to provide client feedback
Client Records Management

Support and use booking, accounting and medical record systems
Perform Administrative Functions
Maintain and update registers of all clients attending services; receipting of clients and making follow-up appointments
Ensure correct logging of time, services and procedures for all Centre/HCU staff
Support the receptionist in maintaining, organizing and filing of client records
Design filing systems in collaboration with the clinical support office team
Maintain an up-date filing system in an easily-auditable fashion
Ensure protection of files and records
Ensure administrative systems, policies and procedures are adhered to, including data integrity (reports)
Ensure the shift is closed on a daily basis
Do daily data quality checks and resolve items noted on data integrity report prior to closing shift
Ensure the extract is available in dropbox at the end of each business day
All shifts closed by end of business day
Keep clinical and company policy folders and regulations updated as and when required
Well maintained filing system
Admission forms audits with records to ensure data integrity at all times
Financial duties:
Conduct end of shift cash/bank reconciliation together with the receptionist
Accurate Financial Reports – cash and card balances at end of shift reports together with the receptionist
Management of the cash kiosk and its operation i.e. no cash collection issues by cash in transit company
Be responsible for the management of petty cash by ensuring that the minimum float is maintained i.e. requesting replenishment
Reconciliation reports submitted on time and in full
Petty Cash “tracking”
Stock Management

Develop and maintain a sound working knowledge of Inflow System
Primary responsible for all clinical stock transactions including distributing and store stock control ensuring that sufficient stock and supplies on hand at all times
Responsible for ordering, re-ordering, goods receiving, reporting incorrect and damaged stock
Responsible for monthly stock count including reconciliation of stock bins together with Clinical Manager
Liaise with procurement and vendors including couriers, suppliers, waste management etc.
All deliveries checked and accurately documented co-signed with the Clinical Manager
Managing office supplies stock and place orders via inflow
General Clinic Standards and Duties

Ensure that the centre is fully compliant in accordance with all policies and protocols as determined by the Compliance Officer from time to time
Ensure that all marketing collateral displayed in the centre is current and up to date and available for campaigns and activations run by the centre
Responsible for ensuring a professional centre appearance at all times
Maintains safe and clean reception and waiting area by complying with procedures and company standards
Ensure general appearance of centre in a good attractive state (cleanliness, painting, pictures, plants, etc.)
Ensure furniture, blinds, equipment, instruments in good condition
Be professional and wear employer uniform at all times
Marketing support

Support schedule centre and external events with the business operations team
Use of consumer insight information for demand generation – guide marketing activities
Participate in awareness and outreach activities
Generate marketing awareness activity reports as and when required
Managing of Financial Reporting Systems

Verify all information in financial reports submitted:
Daily reports
Attendance records
VCT records
Overtime hours
Temp hours
Travel claims
Authorise all documents submitted to the support office.

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