Technoswitch Internship

By | Jul 6, 2022

This internship is strictly catered to Graphic Designers.

Successful candidates will be put into the role of Digital Marketing intern. During this internship, they will be under the supervision and guidance of Technoswift’s Marketing Manager.

They will be tasked to carry out the following duties:

Make sure that Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other relevant sites are properly managed.
Creating and maintaining search engine optimization and basic discovery of content by target groups.
Managing the company’s website content and ensuring it meets SEO standards.
Monitoring and giving reports on analytics, web traffic, and engagement.
Make sure the company’s website is maintained and developed.
Assist with the online training section of the website (to do this, you will help the Training department).
Delivering and designing effective marketing mediums through a variety of media (such mediums consist of brochures, product manuals, and data sheets).
Assist with the writing, editing, and proofreading of various newsletters, documents, case studies, presentations, and any other documents.
Assisting in launching email and social media marketing campaigns.
Ensuring the company’s brand is maintained and kept at a high standard.
Assisting with any events, activities, or projects.
Ensuring the company’s marketing operations are supported (this is done through formatting, assembling, and reporting on information and materials).
Assisting with the collation of information for marketing and promotional literature purposes.
Designing and producing draft marketing materials and literature (i.e. articles, mailers, brochures, presentations, company newsletters, press releases, and more).
Compiling and maintaining product manuals and datasheets.
Ensuring a wide range of marketing communications are actively coordinated.
Keeping the Marketing department’s documents and database up-to-date and maintained.
Ensuring stock levels of all marketing materials are monitored.
Obtaining quotes and ensuring required marketing materials are ordered.
Assisting with the arrangement of internal and external events.
Booking venues for events and completing necessary planning (this will be done on occasion).
This internship program will require applicants to meet the following criteria to be considered ideal applicants:

Applicants must have completed a Diploma or Degree in Marketing.
Applicants must have knowledge and experience in Adobe (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop).
Applicants must have knowledge and experience in Microsoft Suite.
Applicants must be proactive when handling tasks.
Applicants must be able to work well within a team.
How To Apply
Applications for the Technoswitch Internship are quite easy, all you will need to do is have an updated CV at hand, along with a copy of your relevant qualifications. Once you have these gathered, you will need to submit them via email to [email protected]