VAS Specialist (Subject Matter Expert) wanted: Salary R42 000 per month


VAS Specialist (Subject Matter Expert) wanted: Salary R42 000 per month

Johannesburg, Gauteng
R42 000 a month

A dynamic company based in Johannesburg North is looking for a VAS Specialist (Subject Matter Expert)


Primary Role:

Configure and Manage Windows / Proxmox servers in cloud and on prem
Configure Virtual (Active Directory Servers / SQL Servers / Web Servers / Application Servers)
Mentor under Technical Manager and David for Virtual upgrade planning
Take ultimate ownership of all Windows Server related troubleshooting and escalations from Service Assurance team
Build, configure and manage Mail services in cloud and on prem
Office 365 Deployments and Cutovers (both cutover and Hybrid Migrations)
Mimecast Deployments and Cutovers (Including Data Ingestion and Exgestions)
Take ultimate ownership of all Mail Services related troubleshooting and escalations from Service Assurance team
Build, configure and manage Backup services in cloud and on prem
Company enterprise backups (Redstor / any new services)
Attend technical pre-installation meetings or teleconference with clients to discuss technical structures and installation plans
Research and Development into Backup Services and Options
Take ultimate ownership of all Backup Service-related troubleshooting and escalations from Service Assurance team
Configure and manage monitoring services in cloud and on prem
Training and mentoring of the Value-Added Services team
Research into new products and solutions as per business requirements

Key Job Tasks:

Client Management:

Communicates effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions
Continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships
Builds a knowledge base of each client’s business, systems and objectives
Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer services
This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction

Supplier Management:

Manages supplier interaction and expectations regarding efforts
Develops lasting relationships with supplier personnel that foster client ties
Communicates effectively with suppliers to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions

Other Stakeholder Tasks:

Stakeholder support of project, Conflict mitigation, Trust and respect in relationship
Smooth project facilitation, Management monitoring and response
Cost savings, Better service delivery, Sustainable lifecycle performance
Uncertainty and risk mitigation
Partnerships and collaborations, Implementing collective agreements
Stakeholder rights protection
Enhanced organizational motivation and Improved organizational foresight
Mutual learning, Innovation enhancement and Human capital building

Records and Information Management (RIM):

To follow and implement Company ConnectWise Strategy
Ensure all billable work per project is recorded in the Project Ticket (same day or next day)
Ensure all work complete is updated into the Project Ticket with accurate notes and times (same day or next day)
To establish a consistent and coordinated approach to RIM by establishing policy, standards, practices, and tools that reflect organizational needs
To establish processes that ensure that information is accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and authentic; has a context and can serve as evidence; and supports accountability
To build staff awareness and understanding of and commitment to managing information assets and protecting privacy and confidentiality at all levels of the organization
To improve control and security through providing audit trails of document activities, ensuring their use as reliable information assets
To assess progress in improving the management of information in the organization


Ensure technical processes are understood and implemented throughout
Ensure effective SLAs have been advised to Implementation and service assurance teams
Assist in development towards integrated systems and centralised data
Extracting reports to manage and give feedback to the Head of Implementation, Service Assurance, the directors and the business as per requirement
Complies with and helps to enforce standard policies and procedures

QC and complaint management:

Action all client complaints swiftly (within SLA time lines)
Ascertain the problem, ensure a speedy remedy and give constant feedback to client or Head of implementation / Service assurance
Analyse client complaints and assist Head of Implementation / Service assurance in implementing processes and structures in place to minimise relevant complaints
Consistently delivers high-quality service to our clients and lead by example
Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion

Products, services and processes:

Ensure roll out of new products and services carried out as per change management principles
Drive product knowledge within departments
Ensure technical processes are understood and followed
Manage the process of innovative change effectively
Apply knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients
Updating relevant configurations, implementing start dates and necessary details on the ConnectWise system as per business processes


Reviews and provide report on work done if requested by Head of Implementation / Service delivery and directors
Delivers engaging, informative, well-organized presentations if requested, Assist Head of Implementation / Service delivery monthly
Develop business cases for technical changes envisaged in the Operations
Assisting Technical managers and Head of Technical with the creation of RFO’s and Outage reports for major connectivity, Security, Value added Services (VAS) and Core Network issues as per standard company SLA and templates
To be available any time (if requested by directors / Head of implementation) for crucial issues affecting the companies core or Major clients

Policy and Process Management:

Processing (Knowledge of processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximising the effective delivery of products and services throughout Operations)
Product Knowledge (Knowledge of product trends within the market to ensure possible leads are sent to Head of Technical and Head of Implementation to expand our product offering)
Ensure that your tickets both projects related, and service Assurance escalation tickets are resolved in a timeous manner and as per SLA
To prescribe an effective mechanism for responding to Client complaints and queries about real or perceived non-compliance with comapny policies
Attending training and completing development plans as per agreed development plan documentation
Submitting KPI’s on time
Attending training sessions arranged by Human Resources, Technical Managers, Heads of departments, Directors for Technical and personal development
Ensure all departmental deadlines are met
Assist Service Assurance Staff to enable them to meet their deadlines with escalations if a need arises
Being punctual at work and ensure all company policies are adhered to
Ensure that direct line manager is alerted before 08:00 AM through a phone call as per company policy If you are running late or if you are unable to make to work due to family responsibility or sickness or an emergency
Ensure that a standard handover of work is provided while going on leave

Training and Development:

Training and mentoring of technical staff in your technical teams
Self-development in latest technologies and company products as per your work domain

Strategy and Culture Management:

Strategy is a perspective shared by members of an organisation, through their intentions and / or by their actions
Communicate and give clear expectations to staff, Clients and to the stake holders of the business and regulators
Implement care pathways which are outcomes focussed, recovery oriented, and responsive to individual needs
Ensure our processes are cost-effective
Promote a culture of continuous improvement
Recognise and develop staff’s strengths
Leadership (From pushing top-down to supporting and coaching)
Management (From executing to enabling)
Staff (From acting to contributing)
Build different levels of awareness and competence

Culture Management:

Management of the culture of an organization is a vitally important element of any strategic initiative
Indeed, it can be the main factor that drives success or failure

Financial Management:

Ensuring that Targets are achieved and minimize credits to clients
The Project Stake holders must be kept aware of the potential risks and the probable cost
Early warning and awareness play a significant role in managing the finances and the progress of the project in a positive manner
Ensure your billing notes in tickets are accurate and it is recommended to enter technical information on the work done judiciously
Submission of petrol claim sheets, Afterhours support billing on time
Ensure that your tickets (both projects related, and service Assurance team escalation tickets are resolved in a timeous manner so that billing gets completed as soon as errors has been resolved)

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